About Us

Vandnil understands that closely held business and individuals need timely professional management advice to make the critical decisions they need to in order to take their operations and projects to another level.   Our core strength is in the areas of Facilities Operations, Business Management and Financial Planning & Control. Every solution that Vandnil offers serves the purpose of positioning our clients for effective financial and business  decisions and operations.

The Vandnil Management Team works in a variety of industries including real estate, distribution, hospitality, retail, occupational health care facilities, and property development.


Value Proposition

Your Customer is Our Customer

It’s not just about what we do, it’s how we do it. In every relationship we take the time to listen to our Clients and take on their goals as our own. We know that consumers are getting more demanding, their expectations on service are rising and their ability to compare retailers to find the best deal is making customer loyalty increasingly difficult to maintain or  achieve.

To help our retail customers fulfill their targets and retain their hard-earned customers Vandnil always goes the extra mile to deliver a great Client experience, at the most competitive cost effective rates, delivering savings to our Clients who in turn can pass it down to the consumer.